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Additional Merchant FAQs

Please email to our customer service for a request to be a seller or click on the seller button at top of the landing page.

These would be Products that are prohibited to be sold by law or not suitable for the targeted community of Muslim customers.

Our Finance team will generate the reports every 2 weeks and pay out to the sellers on the 10th and 25th of every month.

All Sellers are to arrange own shipping / delivery of products to buyers or use our default Bazaarria appointed delivery company: Pls check for the latest with our Seller Services Team. Write to

For sellers using their own delivery arrangements, BazaarRia will reimburse the amount accordingly to the delivery charges paid by the buyer at check out.

BazaarRia will select trending product to promote on social media and e-newsletter , our Marketing team will also work with sellers to run product promotions or special promo discount coupons.

Yes, a system generated email will be sent out once an order has been confirmed.

Tracking of Orders will be by the Order # on the email send to the customer and vendor at the completion of customer’s payment at check out.

The Vendor will email the customer once the item is picked up by delivery provider to inform the customer of the delivery.

No, BazaarRia do not provide any compensation for the loss of items using Sing Post Normal Mail.

The cost are to be beared by sellers themselves. We highly recommend vendors to ship out your order under traceable/registered mailing or use a delivery platform option especially if the item value is high.

How are Transcation Fees Calculated?

The transaction fee is applicable to the seller’s category (valid till 31st December 2021):

1. Food (10%) 2. Retail (10%) 3. Home based business (10%) 4. Services (10%)

Platform Transaction Fee is a handling fee on all successful transactions made through all forms of payment, including but not limited to:

1. Credit card 2. Debit card 3. Credit card instalment plan 4. Stripe 5. Pay Now

Platform Transaction Fee is 10 % of the final payment amount for Retail sales, after deducting any vouchers or promo coupons applied. It will be rounded up to 2 decimal places.

Example of fee calculation:
Sale Price: $100 (after deducting voucher / promo coupons applied)
10% Transaction Fee: $100 x 10% = $90
Net amount to Seller = $100- $10 = $90

*Full delivery fees will be given to the merchant.

BazaarRia will deduct payable transaction fees directly from your Seller account after an order is completed.

All payments to the seller will be net of transaction fee.

Sale Price: $100
Amount payable to the seller: $100-$15 = $85.00

Merchant Agreement

Click the button below to view/ download the latest Merchant Terms & Agreement Notice.

Contact Merchant Support

Should you have further merchant related issues un addressed in the Merchant Hub page, you may wish to contact us using the form below. Our Merchant support typically gets back in 3-5 working days.